6 causes of addiction

Addiction, an age-old problem, is the inability to stop consuming a substance or engaging in a behavior/activity that has adverse consequences. Some factors are responsible for it. A few are shown below:

Genetics: It’s a fact that genetics can be 40 to 60% responsible for addiction in a person. This means that a strong genetic history of persons addicted to a substance or a habit may lead to a similar pattern or level of addiction in an individual.

Family Lifestyle: Being around family members, especially parents or older siblings and relations who use drugs and are hooked on behavior like gambling, can increase the potentials and likelihood of developing such behavior. 

Peer pressure: Having a close friend who actively indulges in a substance may increase the chances of indulging as well. This, ultimately, results to addiction and dependency.

Nature of substance: In the case of substance abuse, products like nicotine, heroin, and crack contain certain compounds that trigger components in the body. These lead to addictive responses.

Stress: High-stress levels due to job, emotional, personal or financial challenges may cause a person to turn to substances like alcohol or marijuana for comfort. 

Age: The age at which a person first encounters drugs can also influence addiction. The earlier a person comes in contact with drugs, especially mood-altering drugs, the more likely for substance abuse to occur.

NB: We do not intend to promote any substance or encourage substance abuse. This article is solely to educate and inform. Be guided.


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