Starting a smoothie business

Are you thinking of starting a smoothie business at home? Or perhaps opening a kiosk in a mall or opening a small smoothie bar downtown? Here are a few things you need to know before starting your own smoothie business.

● Have the interest – First things first, you should have an interest in creating a healthy blend of fruits. You should also be able to suggest fruits shakes to customers who are interested in a natural and healthy drink.

● Job experience – If you have had some form of restaurant experience, it will help a lot. That way, you can relate better with managing customer orders, logistics, employee payroll and ads placement for your smoothie/fruit shake bar.

● Have an inventive smoothie menu – Your smoothie menu should be creative; customers should be excited when they look at your menu. Aim to create a first good impression that will provoke immediate purchase.

● Have a clear business plan – As an entrepreneur, a clear business plan is crucial. This plan should include your target market, the initial cost to start out and how long it will take you to break even.

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● Open a business bank account – When you have a dedicated account for your smoothie business, it helps you keep your finances organized and look professional to your customers. You can check out this business account that is free of charges for 3 months.

● Get necessary permits and licenses – Obtaining the necessary licenses and permits you need for your smoothie bar would prevent your business from being fined or shut down by the local or state authorities.

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● Invest in Digital – Having a web and social media presence allows your customers to learn more about your smoothie bar online. It also attracts new customers to your business.



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