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How to save your phone battery on a long lecture day

Having back to back lectures are unavoidable experiences for students. Despite that, you will need your phone to do some quick research or take down notes in the class. Don’t let your phone battery break your heart by going off.

Here are some easy-peasy ways to help save some bars on your phone:

Always close out your apps: Apps drain your battery while they are running. So, closing them helps a great deal.

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● Turn on low-battery mode: You can turn this feature on in the settings. It limits the number of apps you can use, thereby saving your battery.

● Turn down the brightness: High brightness drains your battery and causes your phone to die quicker.

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● Turn off unnecessary notifications: Having multiple notifications kills your battery faster each time a notification pops up. It is best to only keep the ones you need.

● Don’t overcharge your phone: Before going to class, if your phone is already fully charged, take it out. Do not wait till you’re ready to leave for class before you unplug the phone. This act damages your battery when done continuously. Plus, avoid using your phone while it’s charging.

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