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A fresher’s guide to campus life

As a fresher, your first semester is mainly all about finding your feet and learning your way around campus. Here is an easy guide to help you kick-start your “campus life” as an undergraduate.

  • Avoid social pressure

In your first semester, there will be a lot of socializing especially during fresher’s week. It always comes with its cons. Mixing with a crowd that doesn’t share moral values with you is common but do not allow their ideas and beliefs to alter yours. Stay focused!

  • It’s okay to be homesick

If this would be your first time away from home, you might feel homesick. One of the quickest ways to get over being homesick is to familiarize yourself with the campus environment and make new friends. This will make you feel better soon enough. Also, it’s fine to contact your old friends and family, but find a balance so you won’t be too tempted to run home at the slightest opportunity.

  • Join an interest group

There are wonderful clubs and societies for you to be a part of on campus. Pick one or more that suits your personality and appeals to your values. Joining an interest group is a standard way to get to meet new people with similar interests, as well as learn new skills that can boost your resume after school.


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  • Turn up at lectures
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This is basically why you’re in school for, so it’s a good idea to always take your lectures seriously. Find your lecture halls and get to know the names of your lectures and the courses they take. Don’t just turn up at your lectures and seminars but turn up on time!

  • Open a Flexx account

In your first year, you tend to have a lot of expenses – pay school and departmental fees, pay for your accommodation, buy course materials, food etc. Importantly, you also need to save.

You’ll need an account flexible enough to make it easy to make your payments, shop online and manage your spending while saving at the same. The Flexx account lets you do all that and more. Open one here in just 4 minutes right now!

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