Exercises to get rid of love handles

Love handles sit on the side of the abdominals and a little above the waist. Ironically, there really isn’t much to love about love handles. Although it might be a bit challenging, an effective workout routine can help a great deal. Check out ways you can burn out the love handles below:

Russian Twists; The Russian twist is a type of exercise perfect for toning the abdominal muscles. To get started, you sit on your mat with your knees bent, keep your feet close together, keep your hands locked as well and then, get your torso to do a left and right “twist” without moving your legs. Do 3 sets of 20 reps daily. It’s very effective.

Bicycle Crunches; This is a core work-out technique that doesn’t just tackle love handles but forms up nicely toned abs! If you know how to ride a bike, this routine will be a walk in the park or maybe we should say, a ride in the park.work

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Side Plank; This routine is often overlooked by trainers but has proven to be a good way to burn fat around the waist. To do this, you lie on your right side with your knees straight and prop yourself up with your elbow as a support. Stay still for 15 seconds and repeat on your right side. You’ll feel a burning sensation in your abdominal core; this signifies progress.

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NB: -Do a quick cardio warm-up i.e. skipping on a jump rope or a quick run. Also, maintain a clean diet.

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Tell us another type of workout routine that works for you?

Source: https://www.health.com/fitness/a-10-minute-love-handle-workout

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