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The 7-minute workout that can change your life.

Looking to have that celebrity body you always see on your social media feeds? Then you should be ready to put in the work required by eating right and doing appropriate exercises.

We have some workout tips that can change your life when you incorporate them into your routine.


  1. Squats


While standing upright, place both your hands in a praying motion. With your feet slightly apart, descend slowly like you’re about to sit on a toilet, (probably not the best description), then rise back slowly. Do this 40 times daily 🙂 . This will activate the muscles in your butt cheeks lifting them slightly below your hip dimples.


  1. Hip lift
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While standing, Place your left hand on your waist. Then raise your left leg sideways with your heel reaching contact with the side of your right knee. Do the same to the other leg. You can place your other hand on a chair for support. Do this 20 times daily. It gives the hips more prominence and shape.


  1. Side leg lift
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This is more similar to the hip lift but this time, instead of placing the heel on the side of the knee, you raise your left leg sideways giving the L shape from your other leg and you can put your right hand behind you and your other hand on a chair for support. Do this 20 times on each leg daily. It helps to structure the torso leading to your waist also giving it that natural lady-curve.


Understand that everybody’s structure is unique and differs in age, genes and health conditions so some results might show earlier than others.


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Wishing you good luck as you journey into the fitfam world Flexxer!


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