5 crafts you can learn at your leisure time

Taking time off your busy schedule to learn a craft or a new skill can be quite helpful, as it gives you an opportunity to make extra cash. The craft can be knitting, crocheting, soap making, bead making, amongst others. Regardless of what you choose, “determination” and “focus” should be your watchwords.

Unsure of what to do yet? Have a look at some craft ideas you can choose from.

● Sewing

With the required knowledge of sewing, you can try out a million and one things! It could be a bag, a dress, a shoe…the list is endless.
● Soap Making

You can also learn how to make scented liquid and bar soaps for domestic and industrial uses as well. 

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● Papier Mache

This is one form of art that is not only interesting but also inspiring. Although it takes quite some time to master the craft, it is a skill worth acquiring. If you’re an artist with an interest to expand your skill, you can also delve into this field.

● Macramé

If you like working with knots and loops, you only need a pair of hands and several yards of ordinary cotton cord to get yourself started with macramé. 

● Tie & Dye

With African art/craft gaining acceptance on the global fashion scene, “Tie and Dye” or “Adire” as most of us call it is another intriguing craft you can learn and make real money from.

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Hope this article motivates you to learn a new craft! Use your leisure time wisely!

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