4 steps to building your programming career

Like every other vocation, becoming a computer programmer is not a day’s job. Programming is tasking and requires thousands of man-hours to reach proficiency. However, it is lucrative, and if you are passionate, you can build a fulfilling career in this field.

Here are 5 steps to building your career in programming.

  1. Pick a discipline: Programming is very vast. You must decide on a discipline; whether web, mobile, server, or desktop applications. It helps to have a broad understanding across the different segments, but specialize in a particular field.
  2. Choose a language: After choosing a discipline, you need to pick a language relevant for your discipline and start learning it. Programming languages include Python, C++, PHP, R, Java etc.
  3. Research on your craft: Being a great programmer requires constant research. You need to keep up with trends in your area of specialization. Simply put, be up to update.
  4. Consistent learning: Soon enough, you’ll be a programming expert, but never should you rest on your oars. Keep learning, try something new, and be open to new ways or ideas.
  5. Find a mentor: A mentor can help keep the fire burning, so make sure you find one. Mentorship helps you adhere to ethics and follow best practices through experience. Having a mentor also makes networking for possible future opportunities easy.


There you have it! Go chase your dreams!

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