Fashionable head wears Flexxers rock to look cool

Head wears are cosy, fashionable and a great addition to your wardrobe. They not only make you look cool, they also protect your head and face from the sun or harsh weather. Here are some cool caps you can rock in school.

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Head warmer: They come in different forms and are made of wool. Head warmers literally keep your head warm and are very stylish. This headwear is mostly worn in cold weather.

Baseball cap: Baseball caps are soft caps that have bendy peaks and can be very useful in protecting your head from the sun. 

Bucket hats: Bucket hats are round headwear, mostly worn for high fashion.

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Snapback hats: Snapbacks are hats with flat peaks. They are very stylish and are also very effective in blocking out the sun from your face.

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Flat caps: Flat caps are vintage caps that are super-fashionable and typically go well with suspenders.

Trucker/net caps: They are just like baseball caps, but these caps have net at the back that makes them really chic.

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