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Health Scares: When Your Body Plays Games With You

Do you ever feel like your body is playing games with you? This often happens when you get a health scare that completely shakes you up and puts everything into perspective. Sometimes, it’s a little zit on your face; sometimes it’s a dull headache that feels like a life-altering disease.

Here are some of the weirdest games our body plays sometimes:

When you wake up to a big pimple that wasn’t there before


The worst. You go to bed with a pretty clear face and the next thing, there’s a pimple that’s the size of a country on your forehead when you wake up. Worst thing- It usually happens when you have an important outing.

When you decide to treat yourself with good food and gain 5 pounds


You’ve been living the fit fam life for a while and you finally decide to indulge yourself with some tasty treats. Next thing, you’re heavier. From where to where please?

Then your favourite outfit doesn’t fit anymore


You’ll find your way to make it fit because fashion must be fashioned.

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The first time you work out and you can’t feel your limbs anymore


The first few times you work out are usually pretty brutal. If your gym instructor is tough or you chose a complex workout, you might have to be carried out of the gym because your whole body will suddenly feel like it’s shutting down. Relax. You just haven’t gotten used to it yet.

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Your heart rate when you’re about taking a medical test


Is it death? A disease? ?

You, on the night before you get your test results


‘What if? What if?’

Listening to the long speech by your doctor before he/she tells you that you tested negative


Just give me the news. Oh wait, don’t.

The way your heart skips multiple beats when you see your crush


Be still my beating heart. Am I about to die because of love?

When the doctor tells you to pull down your pants to take an injection


At my big age? Plis dear.

When you feel nothing after you stub your toe, then the pain kicks in



What’s the weirdest health scare you’ve had? Feel free to share with us!


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