5 beautiful countries you can travel to without a visa

Visas are official permits aiding you entrance or residence in a country (of which you’re not a citizen) for a specific amount of time either for the purpose of tourism, education, employment, etc.


However, some countries have lenient policies allowing individuals entry without a visa. So if you’re wondering where to enjoy a flexxing holiday this year, here’s a current list of visa-free nations to choose from in no particular order.


Barbados is an island country in the Caribbean region of North America. Visitors are allowed six months without a visa. Its capital is Bridgetown and English is the official language although Bajan (English) is popularly used. 



Dominica is not to be confused with the Dominican Republic or Domenica. The country offers free visa entry for a period of 21 days. Its capital is Roseau. English is the official language spoken and Dominican Creole French also.



Seychelles whose capital being Victoria is an island located on the Indian Ocean. Its official languages are English, French, and Seychellois. Intending visitors are advised to apply for a 1-month visa otherwise entry will be denied if not issued prior to arrival.



Kenya is an East African country with Nairobi as its capital. It offers 90 days free visa in an entry. Spoken languages include English and Kiswahili.  The country is popular for its wildlife reserve and savannah.


Fiji is an island located on the South Pacific. A 4-month stay is permitted on entry but afterward, a visitor’s permit may be required to extend your stay. The nation has a notable about of soft coral reefs and scuba diving is a popular tourist activity.

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There is a score of more countries with a visa-free policy but these countries are undeniably beautiful with dreamy tourist sites and as a flexxer, the holiday plan won’t be complete without a sufficient budget, and your camera!

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  1. Onyema Victor Chinedum Reply

    FCMB, too much, i and my family really missed out the event 2017, but hope to be a partaker of this year 2018, will want to know how to fit in for the December 2018 trip to Barbados whence it is a Visa free country just to flexx with my family and FCMB.

    I love this programme, it is amazing.

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