5 mistakes fresh graduates make when applying for jobs

Just graduated or recently finished NYSC?

Despite hearing and reading about the tough labor market, we can categorically state that searching for your dream job in Nigeria comes with ups and downs that no one ever prepares you for. From Cover letter writing to CVs & resumes to preparing and attending job interviews. Here are some mistakes fresh graduates make.

  1. When you can’t tell the difference between an inquiry letter and a cover letter


2. Applying for several jobs with a generic CV


3. When you get lost on your way to an interview and you get there late


4. When you don’t research a company before applying for a job or even attending the interview


5. Dressing shabbily or inappropriately


Preventing all these and many other mistakes are very easy and we have compiled all the best tips to help with that from Top HR managers from leading organization in the country in the #FlexxCareerSeries and you can watch them all here.

Do share the videos with your friends and families so everyone learn and avoid the mistakes. Have a wonderful career life Flexxer.

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