Our top 5 moments of 2016

We’re gradually closing the curtains on 2016 which has been a fantastic year despite its ups and downs and we can’t help but show you all the times you made our 2016 awesome. We are very grateful to all our Flexxers who made the following moments memorable…

  • Flexx hub launch Medilag


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This was a hit back to back from karaoke to rap competition to dance competition and the grand finale which had Adekunle Gold serenading us with his melodious voice, our Flexxers were there every minute cheering us on and having the utmost fun of their lives.

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  •  #FlexxYourCreativity Demo day
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All shades of creativity were displayed on this day as our #FlexxYourCreativity finalists raced against time to turn out works that wowed the judges.

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  •  #FCMBFlexxtern
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What does it take to have your video CV compete with hundreds of others, get your friends to vote for you and come out victorious? Our #FCMBFLEXXTERN winners shared their experiences and joy at the inauguration ceremony at our head office. It was lit! 

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  •  Flexx Hub Launch Zaria
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The Vice Chancellor, Professor Ibrahim Garba making a speech just before the Launch.

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Ibrahim Garba making a speech just before the Launch.

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Everything the Northerners do is done in grand style and Flexx hub launch Zaria was no exception. Fun and games? You got it, we even had ABU Zaria school authorities and dignitaries present at the launch with our jolly Flexxers going home with lots of gift prizes.

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First Winner Of The Treasure Hunt Competition

First Winner Of The Treasure Hunt Competition

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  •  #FCMBCOPALagos #FlexxAtTheBeach
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What better way to round up the beautiful year than having mega fun at the beach with FCMB, celebrities, and dignitaries. Our Flexxers weren’t left out of the fun as they all showed us the different ways they #FlexxAtTheBeach

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Oh, such glorious times! You made our 2016 beautiful and we can’t wait to create bigger memories with you in 2017. Thank you Flexxers!


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