5 top ways you’re wasting money

Financial prudence is the best way to cope with the economic recession. You’re probably wondering how else to save more money because things are very expensive right now but did you know you are practically wasting money with the following?  Saving little money off these things will amount to a huge stash in the future.

  1. Gym subscription: Instead of breaking an arm and leg to subcribe for a gym membership, download workout videos, do push ups and aerobics in your room and jog around the campus.
  2. Eating out: Do you know that the money you spend on a meal in a fancy restaurant will make you food that will last for days? Avoid eating outside and cook with the money instead.
  3. Clubbing: Having fun is a must but clubbing shouldn’t be an all the time thing, there are other fun things to do on a Friday night than spending money you don’t have. Read a book, watch a movie or sleep! Your body and your bank account will thank you.
  4. Airtime: Thanks to ICT and tech, there are several apps that you can use to make calls and text. So save up on airtime purchase and text or call your friends on Whatsapp, BBM, Snapchat etc.
  5. Make-up: Why spend money at a make up studio when you can watch make up tutorials on Youtube and become a pro yourself. This will save and make you tons of money in the future.


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