Beard gang 101

Welcome to beard gang 101.

Did you know that your beards growth rate depends on your testosterone level and genetics? Here are some things that will assist nature in giving you beards that every lady wants to stroke.

Facial Care: For your beards to properly flourish, you have to take care of your face, always use an exfoliant or scrub once a week to remove the dead cells on the face as this stimulates the growth of new hair. Ensure you wash your face with warm water and soap twice a day. Also use your shampoo for your beards and not your bathing soap.

Beard oil:  Beards oils are specially made with love oils that are used to stimulate facial hair growth, soothe itches and making beards softer and shiny. The ones with either eucalyptus or jojoba extract works best. There are lots of beard oil product available but you can use coconut, olive or rosemary oil If you can’t get one. Apply the oils immediately after washing your face and massage it throughout your beard area.

Good health: Good facial hair correlates with the condition of your body. Stress stunts hair growth and leads to d hair loss. Regularly exercise and adequate sleep help improve circulation of  blood in the body which in turn promotes facial hair growth. Your diet is also important, eat foods that are rich in proteins, minerals and multivitamins; these have been proven to facilitate good hair growth.

Leave it alone: We understand how uncomfortable your beards must feel and how rough it looks but if you want it to grow properly and full, you have to leave it untouched for at least a month. Cutting or trimming the beards too soon will slow down the growth process. You can shape and trim to any style you want after a month, it will continue growing then.

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Your genetics majorly determines where and how many spots will have hair on your face, so don’t be discouraged if you see more growth on one side. Given time, it will all grow out, this will also help you decide where to trim and how to style your beard.

Go forth and be dapper!

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