5 undeniable truths about the Nigerian youth

The Nigerian youth are a special breed and it is only right that we share with the rest of the world this International Youth Day some undeniable truths about the awesomeness that is the Nigerian youth.

The Nigerian Youth Is Entrepreneurial. The average Nigerian youth is a skilled entrepreneur with one or more legit side hustle asides from their 9-5 jobs.

The Nigerian youth is a go getter. They don’t wait for the government to do things for them; they go out there and make things happen. Little wonder they’re the most celebrated younglings on the continent.

They are happy people filled with hope. Despite all of the challenges they face, they always manage to make light their situation by holding on to the hope that things will eventually get better.

They love to party! Your owambe is not lit without the presence of the Nigerian youths. They bring their A game to whatever turn up scene and make every party the bomb.com with their killer outfits and dance moves.

They are the biggest trolls on the continent. FYI, we didn’t get the giants of Africa as a honorary title! An attempt to bad mouth Nigeria on social media will have your notifications blown up with wicked retorts and sarcastic comments. Don’t believe us? Try dissing Nigeria on Social media and watch the entire nation come down on you!

Happy International Youth Day everyone!


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