5 Ways To Make Your Nigerian Babe Happy

5 Ways To Make Your Nigerian Babe Happy

5 Ways To Make Your Nigerian Babe Happy

See, it’s August already and you’re on your 17th talking stage of the year. When will you finally move this relationship ministry to the permanent site ehn? As someone who is concerned about your wellbeing, it hurts to watch you be clueless and I’ve decided to let you in on the ultimate cheat sheet to activate the release clause of your crush.

So if you know you’re serious about being boo’d up and want to wear matching PJs to pepper them on Instagram come December, then you should keep reading to learn a thing or two!

  • Okay, so first off, have you tried food? Women and food are two peas in a pod. Don’t bother trying to understand the correlation. That attitude/mood swing you think she has can be gone in seconds when you send her favourite meal/snacks or something yummy. Although she might blame you when she gains a few kgs still, go ahead and feed her.

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  • Next, you want to get her bundles; the good kind! There’s a possibility she follows hair vendors on the gram so check her following list and surprise her with some premium bundles.

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  • At this point, she’s well-fed and doesn’t have to worry about bad hair days. Now, it’s time to back it up with words of affirmation and the universally accepted words of affirmation for Nigerian babes are these 4 magic words, “Send your account number”. Whether it’s for beans or garri, I don’t know. I don’t make the rules.

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  • What’s a love interest if you just vibes? If she owns a business, develop a mutual interest for her business by giving her plugs to grow her business. For example, the FCMB SheVentures give women in business up to 5 million naira loans with zero interest to help women build thriving businesses. My friend, be serious and send this to her now! Applications close on the 29th August 2022 so chop chop!!
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  • Finally, if you’ve arrived at this stage, that means homegirl likes your big head too. So go ahead and make plans to spend quality time with her. Whether it’s an inexpensive movie date, walks on the beach at night, going for a long drive, or a fancy dinner and get to know each other.

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Guys, this is free game, you’re welcome! Ladies, send this to the guy who’s been on your case. Ciao!

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