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10 Conversation Starters To Keep Your Crush Interested

Conversation starters can be tiring when it comes to a crush. Have you ever gotten frustrated about what conversation you should have with your crush, that doesn’t make you sound repetitive, dull or boring? (9MOBILE 23713 23481 81859)

Sometimes, while you are asking ‘how are you’ ten times, ‘Have you eaten?’, ‘What did you eat?’ …your mind will tell you that you sound like a broken record.

But you have to reach out, after all, he/she is your crush and you do not want to be forgotten. So, what conversations can you have with your crush to keep him or her interested?

1. If you had a superpower for one day, what would it be?

You are already thinking about how this can lead your crush to tell you that thing he/she wants to really do, right?

2. If you were the opposite sex, what will you do for one day?

This will give you an insight as to the kind of opposite partner he/she is looking for, without outrightly asking and giving yourself away.

3. Who do you believe knows you the best?

Having an idea of who loves him most and why will help you form the bond you need to forge ahead with a relationship.

4. What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

It is both fun and engaging. You both can be reeling with laughter when you find out what ridiculous ideas she might have.

5. Which show did you like best as a kid?

Reminiscing one’s childhood is a way to tap into his/her inner child. It will help you connect with their memories.

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6. What kind of movies do you like?

You not only get to know the kind of movie he likes, but you also get to hint that you are willing to go watch a movie with him. Aww…you sly babe!

7. What kind of jobs have you worked at?

Let all your conversations not be cheesy. Discussing work gives you both an insight as to where you are headed career-wise.

8. What is the next big thing you want to achieve?

This is another serious conversation starter. You can let her go on about her dreams and aspirations and you can do the same too.

9. What is the worst name you could give your child?

This is funny because of all the ridiculous names you’ll be sharing. It also tells your crush that you want a family.

10. Have you ever had to host a terrible guest and what did they do?

You can laugh and laugh some more! There you have it. Now, you don’t have to ask ‘how was your night?’ more than once.

Can you share more conversation starters for your crush with us?

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