rainy season

8 Things That Often Occur During Rainy Season

During the rainy season, there are certain things you notice around you. Behaviours of others and the changes in the environment. Have you noticed some that you can probably relate to?

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Cough and catarrh

rainy season

During the rainy season, that is when you notice people coughing and blowing their nose noisily on the streets. If you enter public transport, someone might just sneeze on you. Don’t forget your nose mask.

Always forgetting your umbrella

rainy season

If you’ve never forgotten an umbrella before, raise your hand in the comment section. It’s no wonder that folks started buying umbrellas that can fit into bags to prevent leaving them behind. But even with this measure, umbrellas are still often forgotten once the rain stops.

Sleeping Therapy

rainy season

It is like some sleeping therapy. The rain seems to invite folks to go back to bed. Well, Nigeria is often hot. A welcoming cool rain is not a bad idea at all.

The crossing of the red sea

Due to poor drainage systems and blocked gutters, some streets and roads immediately get flooded at the first downpour. That’s when you see people with trousers rolled up and shoes in hand, slowly crossing the flood or car getting stuck right in the centre of the flood.

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Rubber shoes

They are a fashionable trend on their own. Walking under the rain does not have to be colourless. There are crocs in different colours, rubber shoes with flowery patterns and waterproof boots. You either join, avoid the rain or ruin your good shoes.

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Romantic/gloomy movies

It would seem the rain and chilly air can sometimes help some remember why they love ‘love’. During the rain, they want to watch romantic movies or movies that will make them. They can also spend an hour talking to their loved ones on the phone, while coiled up in bed.


Call the swat team and be prepared to swat at mosquitoes, because they will be rushing out of the rain outside, into your home. Unless of course, your environment isn’t friendly to mosquitoes and you don’t leave stagnant water for them to breed in.


If you’re lucky, government officials will wait out the rain and return to control traffic once it stops. If not, be ready for blaring horns, jostling vehicles, fumes and bumper to bumper rides.

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