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Ten Money Situations That Make Us Uncomfortable

No one loves getting caught up in annoying money situations. We’d rather have more than enough money and have things go our way all the time.

However, we sometimes get caught up in some of these annoying and uncomfortable money situations. Which of them can you relate to?

When you need to make a withdrawal, and there’s no money in the ATM

Imagine waiting in an ATM queue for 30 minutes only to discover that the money in the ATM has been exhausted when it’s finally your turn? It’s one of the most upsetting situations ever.

When you can’t make online purchases because of the exchange rate

You have an online cart filled with clothes and accessories, but you dare not check them out because the exchange rate isn’t working in your favour—Premium stress.

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When an unplanned expense rolls in

Whether it’s your gas cooker that decides to go empty on you or a car part that you have to replace immediately, unplanned expenses and purchases can be super annoying.

When someone close to you has refused to pay you back

It’s super annoying when you lend someone some money out of the kindness of your heart, and they pay you back by not paying you back. It’s even more awkward when the person is close to you, and you don’t know how to approach the issue without making it more awkward.

When you have to part with the only clean notes you have

Clean notes (especially 100 naira notes) have become a rarity these days, so whenever you come across one, there’s a likelihood that you want to keep it with you. Unfortunately, it isn’t very pleasant when you have to give it up because you don’t have another option.

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When You Buy Something And The Cashier Doesn’t Have Change

Now you have to buy something you don’t need to round the figures up. How inconvenient.

When you have to pay an outrageous delivery fee

Everyone knows that exuberant delivery charges are very inconvenient and discouraging, especially when they cost almost the same price as the item being bought.

Realizing that the price of your favourite item has gone up

Nothing ever really prepares you for the shock of finding out that your favourite body lotion or perfume has almost doubled in price!

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