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Starting A New Job? Here Are Some Things You Should Do

Are you starting a new job soon? Congrats! You’ve successfully scaled all the hurdles and stages of the recruitment process. 👏👏👏

We know that starting a new job can be both exciting and nerve-wracking and you certainly need some tips to help you fit in and handle the first few days and weeks of the job. It’s normal to feel jitters while looking forward to the experience. We are human beings after all, and we have to learn how to adapt to new environments because it doesn’t happen automatically.

Need some help? We’ve got you covered. Here are some tips:

Resume Work Early

This is a no-brainer. A good way to make a great first impression at your new job is to be punctual. If you are arriving at a physical location, ensure that you arrive on time. If you are working remotely, ensure that you attend any virtual meetings as early as possible.

Also, ensure that you do this consistently. Don’t be punctual in the first week and then relax in the following weeks or months. Make punctuality a deliberate act- it shows professionalism, respect for company values and dedication to work.

Ask a lot of questions

It’s a new job, so you’ll surely have a lot to learn. You’ll have to work with new people, face new expectations, undertake new projects and work with new people. You’re not going to acclimatize immediately, but asking the right questions will make it easier to do so.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, direction and clarifications because doing so will help you learn and fit in quickly. It will also show your colleagues and employers how enthusiastic and inquisitive you are about the job, and make it easier for them to warm up to you and help you out.

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Update your CV and LinkedIn profile

As you move further in your career, you should update all necessary documents and information portals (e,g your CV and LinkedIn profile), detailing your roles and responsibilities, and highlighting your accomplishments as time goes on.

You can update your CV as you resume at the new job. With LinkedIn however, you can wait a few weeks—there’s no pressure—but it’s advisable to make a mental reminder so that you do not forget to do so.

Updating your LinkedIn could help you attract other individuals in your field and you can build formidable and beneficial connections that will help you in your career, especially if you are new in a certain industry.

Outline your goals

A new job is a milestone that brings new hurdles and opportunities. It’s an opportunity to take on a new challenge, move further the ladder of success and make a name for yourself.

As you start, endeavour to decide what your goals are. What are your employer’s expectations in the first three months of your job? How do you plan to contribute to the growth of the company? What are the things you intend to learn? How will this job help you in your career trajectory? Ask yourself these crucial questions, think carefully and make a list of your goals. Make sure they are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) to ensure that they are easier to achieve.

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Get organized

If the work schedule of your new job is different from that of your previous one, you’ll certainly need to adjust. You might be required to resume earlier than you did at your former job, or work remotely on some days, as opposed to working at the office every day. Whatever your new work schedule is, creating a routine that helps you adjust and stay organized is essential.

Be friendly

It’s normal to feel shy and awkward on your first day, week or month at a new job. You will need some time to adjust to the new environment. However, try to be friendly. Introduce yourself to your new colleagues, smile as often as you can and say hello to people you meet. Take note of your body language and that of others, as well, to ensure that you are able to make friendly connections and pick up on social cues. Don’t give off any negative vibe that makes it difficult for people to approach you or work with you.

Do you have any advice for people starting new jobs? Share them in the comment section!

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