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7 Healthy Plans To Make For 2021

By now, you already have your ‘New Year Resolution’ and already working to achieve them. But what you most likely didn’t plan for is your health. We know it, don’t we? If you are too busy enriching your pockets and forgetting about your health, your next of kin might just be the one to enjoy it all.

Can somebody say ‘God forbid’? LOL. To be healthy and better in 2021 while we hustle for our daily bread, we need these health plans.

Care to check them out?

1. Follow Covid-19 guidelines

On the 5th of January, NCDC announced 1,354 new cases of the Coronavirus in Nigeria. This is not a time to take the continuing pandemic for granted. The good news is the presence of a vaccine and in due time it will be available in the country. Pending that time, let us take note to use our nose mask(not wear it on your chin alone) and maintain social distancing.

2. Boost your immune system

Another health plan to take into consideration this year is boosting your immune system. If you are not interested in supplements or dieting, you can do it the natural way by simply sleeping better, eating good food and staying hydrated. Boosting your immune system will help fight off illnesses.

3. Healthy meal

Maintain good eating practices this year. Stop skipping breakfast (well, except you’re fasting) in the name of being too busy to eat or rationing your meal. Junk food and fizzy drinks should also be avoided and more vegetables and fruits should be inculcated into your daily meal.

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4. Skincare

It might not be as effective as we are used to but there is indeed harmattan this period. Keep your skin moisturized, and since God blessed us with an abundance of sunlight (maybe too much) we have a lot of exposure. So, exfoliate, to clear off dead skin cells.

5. Exercise

Whether you are aiming for a summer body or not, exercising is definitely a good health plan for the year. It will help keep you in the right weight, reduce heart disease, help manage your blood sugar levels (don’t wait to be old) and improve your health in general.

6. Stay hydrated

This cannot be overemphasized. Drink water. Don’t wait until you’re feeling dehydrated. Water helps to replenish the fluids you lost when you sweat and it helps avoid constipation. Even your kidney uses it to flush out waste by way of urination.

7. Sleep

It is as simple as that. If you are one of those who believe that an ambitious and successful person should only sleep 4 hours, you need a sleep plan. As a matter of fact, sleep will improve your productivity in school, work and other ventures.

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