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10 Things To Discuss To Keep A First Date Interesting

If you had to go on a blind date or a first date with someone, how would you keep the conversation interesting? Or would you leave it at how entertaining the other person might be? Instead of leaving your date to chance and awkwardness, you can go armed with the right technique.

If you think it should start with… ‘May I know you?’ Please wipe that old school thought out of your head. The last thing you want to do is make them feel they are on a hot seat or in a job interview.

The goal is to have fun while finding out all you need to create a first impression. So, how about a guessing and questions game? Are you ready?

Let’s go out on a date!

1. Do I look like a Nkechi or Cynthia?

Has anyone ever tried to guess what your name is? Some people believe that one can tell a person’s name just by their looks or mannerism. Now, playing this game with your date is not trying to validate the statement but giving him/her a room to relax and have fun. Your date already knows your name, but the game is to guess the character he/she feels you should be called. So, what do you think my name should be?

2. Guess how old you think I am

Remember that it is both ways. You cannot be the only one asking the questions; if not, he/she will end up knowing more about you while you know close to nothing. So, guess how old you think he is and vice versa.

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3. Your IG handle is __

‘Let me guess…sexyginger_01’😆. That’s how much fun it can be. By this time, you two would be sharing belly waves of laughter as though you’ve known each other all your life.

4. Guess my State

Let’s go deeper. Do you know each other’s state of origin? If the answer is no, then you have yourself a topic for discussion. Throw in a bonus and talk about tourist centres in your state and what makes the place fun.

5. What was the first thing you noticed when you saw me?

‘Was it my eyes? Perhaps, the way I walked or addressed the waiter…?’ There are a million and one things for one to notice about each other. Make that a subject for discussion and have yourself a first-hand impression of the other person’s perception of things.

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6. Who do you think should be the breadwinner?

Should a man be the sole breadwinner of his family or should the woman? You’ll be surprised how opinions on this matter differ. Here is your topic to get you a feel on their argumentative skills. Discuss!

7. By age 35, you want to have?

This can take a lighter mood or can go full-blown dreams and aspirations. A lighter mood can entail basic material stuff like cars and houses, while full-blown can be on how you are set to achieving your goals. Hmm…that should be one serious conversation. We can’t play all the time.

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8. Physical quality you’re most grateful for?

Uhhh…now, let’s get vain. Men and women like good compliments. So, what do you think compliments your date’s look? Share and see some faces blush!

9. You overspend on?

First date

Are you a shoe addict? Maybe it is nail polish…whatever it might be, let your date guess and then reveal if there is such a thing as you overspending.

10. You’re still single because?

This too is a serious question. But now that the mood is lighter, we now get down to the real reason we were seated in the first place. Why are you still single?

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