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These Are Some of The Best New TV Shows of 2020, So Far

Amidst all the strange things happening in 2020, the entertainment industry has done a pretty good job of giving us new content to indulge ourselves in.

If you’re looking for a new show to watch, you can check out some of the best new shows of 2020:

‘I May Destroy You’

No, this show isn’t about robots or monsters. ‘I May Destroy You’ deals with some heavy themes such as sexual abuse and trauma. In the show, the protagonist- Arabella (played by Michaela Coel who also wrote and created the show), tries to get her life back on track after a harrowing experience. It’s a challenging but important show to watch.

‘Lovecraft Country’

Lovecraft Country is a critically acclaimed HBO show that follows a man named Atticus Freeman, as he embarks on a road trip across 1950s America with his friend and uncle, to look for his father. MTN- 3558 6468 8924 13295

Their journey turns out to be one filled with violence, a struggle for survival, and racial tension. It stars Jurnee Smollett, Jonathan Majors, Aunjuane Ellis and Courtney B. Vance, amongst others.

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‘The Baby-sitters Club’

If you were a massive fan of the Baby-sitters club book series as a child, you’d love this show. It’s a fun show that follows the adventures of five middle-school friends who start a babysitting business in Stoneybrook.

‘Mrs. America’

Academy-Award winner, Cate Blanchett stars in this BBC historical drama series. It amplifies the story of the Equal Rights Movement. 9MOBILE- 8391 5741 5893 251

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It explores historical events associated with feminism and gender equality in America. It also stars Uo Aduba, Rose Byrne and Elizabeth Banks, amongst others

Perry Mason

The mid-50s ‘Perry Mason’ series has been given a modern reboot. In the show, the recently-divorced title character solves mysteries. It stars big names such as Matthew Rhys, Tatiana Maslany, John Lithgow, and more.

‘Never Have I Ever’

This hilarious show follows an Indian-American teenager who deals with grief, racial identity, school life, family, and love.
The show, created by Mindy Kaling, stars Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Poorna Jagannathan and Richa Moorjani, amongst others.

What are your favourite new shows in 2020, so far? Share them with us in the comments section!

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