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Twitter Banter: The Make It Or Break Platform

If you are a twitter regular, gather here because this gist is about to get interesting. Forget blogs; Twitter has become the banter ground for every topic upon the surface of the earth. It doesn’t matter what the gist is about, once a twitter regular with enough followers goes ‘tweet tweet’ the crowd follows.

The gist could be political, body-shaming, an online challenge, trolling, throwback…once the hashtag catches on, the comments rush out like an overfull GP water tank. There are different types of ‘banter’ on twitter, with their various agendas. Some make it to stardom with their contributions, while some others, well… break.

Oya, let’s root them out;

1. Passerbys


These are the ‘we came to read, not comment’ crew. They have like two followers, and you never get a glimpse of them. No post, no profile information and no comments. But they are there, eating up every story and trends to ever cross twitter’s path.

2. Clueless Marketers


So you were reading the comments of an intriguing post, and while you are getting engrossed, you come across a comment that is too irrelevant to the topic on the ground. They are either selling something or asking you to go their page. E.g., A perfume advertiser, using the hashtag ‘#OgunUnrest’. They are clueless and insensitive to the current situation. Who knows why they keep trying, most folks ignore them.

3. Brands


These guys are the opposite of clueless marketers. They know precisely what is trending and use it to their advantage. They not only gain attention and followers but also increase their revenue. They come up with exciting debates or online #challenge in which the twitter folk spread by commenting, inviting and sharing. Brands that know their onions usually make it out here.

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4. Clapbacks


Do not mess with these kinds unless you are loud-mouthed with absolutely no restrain or filter. They live for the insults they are going to rain on their next target. All you have to do to get their attention is comment negatively on a post or comment they made, and you will have it. Grrrrr…goosebumps.

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5. Online Martyrs


They are the activist, feminist, politicians, public speakers and the like, always fighting for a cause, using twitter as their battleground and the loudspeaker for their voice and their purpose to be heard. Some are deemed worthy of attention, receiving a lot of comments and retweets, while some are mere noisemakers said to be spuing out gibberish. Harsh.

6. Clout chasers


Many roll their eyes at these kinds, but as life can be sometimes boring, the twitter community tend to patronize them by commenting on their thread. Clout chasers come up with ridiculous stories to gain followers or sympathy. Usually, the comment section is filled with speculations as to whether the above post is real or not. Or they rain insults on the ‘poster’ whom of course, doesn’t care as long as he/she gets the attention and popularity. Hah! Who’s smart now?

7. Influencers


They already have massive followers, and for a fee, help brands promote their products. We see them all the time. They surely have made it online and are cashing in their money with simple online brand posts.

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So, which group do you belong to? Whichever twitter banter you join, make sure you make it.

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  1. Frank Adeshina Reply

    Twitter gives voice to the voiceless. However, in the past weeks, there a have been several mob attacks on public personalities. Business folks have to be careful on their path there.

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