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Rainy Season 2020: What Your Outfits Should Look Like

Aside from coronavirus, there are other infections that we are quite susceptible to in the rainy season like cold, cough, catarrh, pneumonia, etc, which is why we must befriend our face mask and other preventers right now more than ever before.

Many companies have opened up for business meaning you no longer get to work from home all week and you’ ll at least have to step out some more, while doing all that is necessary to stay safe and protected against the coronavirus and flu.

Fashion senses are being awakened, and dressing the part is relevant again. While you shield yourself from the weather, you also need to look presentable. To do that, you will need these outfits for the season;

1. Face Mask


Never forget this at home. It serves both purposes, that is, your health and style. Some people forget the mask and buy another outside. Now, unless you plan on finding water and soap to wash the face mask you just bought off a street hawker then you have no business wearing a face mask right off the streets as it can already be a carrier with all the hands touching it.

2. Portable umbrella

rainy season

Do you forget umbrellas at the last place you visit? Don’t beat yourself; you are not alone. Which is why we recommend umbrellas that can fold and be kept in your bags. You hardly forget your bag, this way you are ready whenever the rain meets you on the road. Your umbrella can be fanciful too. Black sturdy ones will also do if you do not care for colours.

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3. Sweaters


You might be tempted to wear outfits that are make-shift sweaters. Bad idea, if you want protection from the cold. There are lots of cool thick sweaters that are very fashionable with statement designs on them. If you are sceptical about a thick sweater, you can wear one with buttons in front, so that when the weather suddenly changes from cold to hot, you can quickly unbutton it or slide right off.

4. Rubbershoes

rainy season

Oh, the fantastic display of colourful rubbers shoes in different shapes and sizes. What is your preference? You can go for waterproof boots, loafers, wedges, etc., whatever strikes your fancy, as long as it’s not a shoe to get damaged in the rain.

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5. Blazers


This will suit your work outfit, style and still shield you from the cold. Male and female can have whatever colour they want as long it fits your skirt, pants, gown or jeans. Blazers have been in fashion for a long time, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere.

6. Ponchos


If you aren’t a fan of the Blazers and do not care for official looks, a thick poncho might do it. You can even get fashionable ponchos with a hood. There are different styles of ponchos with made from different materials, the one you seek for the rain is wool and its kind.

7. Flask


Staying healthy and fashionable in the rainy season also involves staying hydrated with warm liquid. Drinking boiled water dissolves phlegm and helps remove it from your respiratory tract, thereby protecting you from congestion because of the cold and flu. Store your boiled water in your flask and take it out with you, while you sip

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8. Duvet/Bed covers


Make use of your bed covers or duvet. When you sleep at night, keep yourself covered or incur the risk of catching a cold by morning due to the rain that fell the night before.

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