Everyone Has Dealt With At Least One of These Unplanned Expenses

We’ve all been there. You’re chilling on your own and having a pretty decent day when you a sudden expense hits you- whether it’s something that needs to be fixed, replaced or purchased. Next thing you know, you’ve received an annoying debit alert you didn’t plan for. Ouch.

Which of these unplanned expenses have you ever had to deal with?

Cooking Gas Refill

A Picture of Cooking Gas

It’s Sunday afternoon and you’re excited to finally make Rice and Ayamase stew, inspired by a new recipe´ you saw on YouTube.

You’ve brought out all the ingredients, washed the required ones and you’re about to start cooking when you discover that your cooking gas has finished. You hear your stomach growl in hunger and you wonder why in the world the cooking gas chose to finish today. It’s so annoying, isn’t it?

Car Maintenance

Auto mechanic man with face mask working at auto repair shop

Have you ever taken your car to the mechanic workshop, thinking it needed a minor repair, only for the mechanic to inform you that you needed to replace a major car part (or even a car part you never knew existed?). This could only result in two words: Debit Alert.

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Repairing or Replacing Your Device

Modern touch screen smartphone with broken screen and new one on blue background, top view

Sometimes, your phone/ laptop gives you some signs that it’s going to spoil anytime soon. In another case, it might completely stop working and you start wondering what happened.

Other times, you have to deal with the aftermath of dropping your device and watching it get damaged as a result of your undoing. It even gets worse when you realize that the money required to fix it could get you a whole new one. However, nothing compares to getting robbed and having to replace that device. Chai.

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Gift Purchase

Beautiful black woman opening a birthday gift while sitting on the couch at home looking excited and happy

Imagine you’re scrolling on Instagram and you suddenly remember that it’s one of your friends’ birthday. You then realize that you had earlier promised to buy them a gift, so now you have to buy it (even though you forgot to make a budget for it) because that’s what good friends do, isn’t it?

Household Maintenance & Repairs

Young African American Technician Repairing Washing Machine In Kitchen

A leaking AC or refrigerator, a loose tap, a broken pipe or a damaged washing machine are just a few examples of annoying household expenses that sometimes show up when you least expect them.


Package and subscription comparision choices.

It’s so easy to forget about the billing dates of your subscriptions, so you might wake up to see some debit alerts from subscriptions you forgot to cancel or budget for.

To ensure that unplanned expenses do not take a toll on your finances, it’s important to create an emergency fund. Want to find out more? Check this out.

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