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Here Are Ten Impressive Questions To Ask At Your Next Job Interview

Do you have an interview coming up? Great! While you’re busy rehearsing your answers and mannerisms, it’s essential to do something else- line up a list of questions to ask.

Think of it as a game of tennis- where both players have the opportunity to hit the ball across one another. In this case, the players are you and your interviewer(s). In an ideal interview, your interviewer(s) gets to decide whether you are the best fit for the job and you get to determine if the company and its culture are right for you, as well.

A great way to do this is to ask questions. Not just any type of question, though- questions that help you gain useful information and insights that will inform your decision to accept or decline a job offer. They could be about the job itself, your growth trajectory in the company,

Wondering what type of question to ask? We’ve lined up some examples for you to use:

‘What’s a typical day or week for a person in this position?’

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By asking this, you’re trying to get information about the daily and weekly responsibilities expected of you, if you assume the position. This gives you a picture of your role and helps you prepare ahead, should you decide to accept the job.

‘How will the success of the employee in this job position be measured?’ / ‘What determines the success of a person in this job position?’

Success is defined differently in different job roles, so you need to know how yours will be determined and what the performance metrics are.

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What do you expect this employee to accomplish in the first six to twelve months? / ‘What are the performance expectations of this position over the first six-twelve months?’

Asking this question shows your prospective employers how keen and determined you are to bring your A-game to the organisation. It also gives you a broader look into the expectations tied to this role, and it helps you prepare and work harder before and when you eventually take the job.

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‘Are there any opportunities for professional development?’

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Good companies invest in the professional development of their staff. You need to know whether there are training and certification opportunities that will be made available for you., to help you improve and perform better in your role.

‘How would you describe the work culture here?’

Work Culture

It’s essential to understand the company culture, so you determine if it works for you. Is it a relaxed environment, or is it more fast-paced? Does it lean towards a collaborative or individualistic method of work? What are the values they uphold? How are they working to make the organisation more enabling for people to thrive? You have the right to know.

‘What do you like about working here’?

You can put your interviewer on the spot (politely of course) to get a more personal response about the company. Individuals who genuinely enjoy working at a company will have some pretty interesting and exciting things to say which you can consider.

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‘What are the goals that this company is currently focused on, and how important is this team in helping to achieve them?’’

You want to know the core goals this company is aiming at and how instrumental your team is, in reaching those goals. This helps you understand how great your team is and how you can play your part.

What attributes are required of a person in this job role?

This is a pretty intelligent question to ask, and it helps your interviewer(s) see how driven and determined you are to succeed in the role if you accept it truly. By asking this question, you’ll be indirectly asking what attributes you’ll be expected to exhibit. It will be an excellent way to see if you match their expectations or if you still have some work to do. A great follow-up question will be ‘In your opinion, what differentiates a good employee from a great one?’

‘What challenges will a person in this job position face?’

Every role has its challenges, and that’s okay. However, you need to know if these are challenges you can deal with. Your interviewer’s answer will help you to see if you have faced and similar difficulties in the past, so you can discuss how you dealt with them and how you could approach other challenges. Doing this puts you in a good light.

‘When can I expect to hear from you?’

By asking this question, you’ll show that you are eager (if you are) to join the organisation. Optimism is a trait most employers look out for.

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Tips for Asking Questions

  1. Ask a question at a time: Don’t overwhelm your interviewer(s) with a barrage of questions. Give them time to pause and answer your questions.
  2. Don’t be forceful: Don’t turn the interview into an interrogation process. Be calm when asking questions and avoid too many follow-up questions.
  3. Don’t get too personal: Avoid asking questions that could make your interviewer uncomfortable. Avoid asking them about their family, love life or physical appearance.
  4. Don’t Make It About Yourself: Avoid asking so many questions about how the company can benefit you. Instead, ask questions that show that you are interested in bringing value to the company.

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