The Good Cause: 8 NGOs Making A Difference In Nigeria

You do not choose the family you are born into neither do you select the country you’re born in, but you can decide to make a difference with the life you’ve been given.

Our humanity is not defined by how much wealth we amass but the few we were able to lift with what we have. We become one people by the kindness and generosity we extend to one another.

That is why we celebrate philanthropists, givers and foundations whose existence is to cater to the needs of those who are indisposed or displaced.

GLO: 15139-72487-57410

We recognize the non-government organizations (NGO) with different approaches on how to reach out to the people in need.

If you are looking to take part in this good cause by either establishing your own NGO someday or simply donating or volunteering to the cause, then here are a few options to evaluate;

1. Alliances for Africa (AFA)


AFA is an NGO created to enhance and reconstruct the interface human right and development, with a vision to contributing innovatively to the task of tackling causes of endemic poverty and exclusion in Africa.

2. Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria(BRECAN)



The move is a directive from the Founder, Mrs Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu who believes that the war against cancer should not be fought in isolation but there should be a united front to tackle the monster head-on.

3. Stand to End Rape Initiative



They are a youth-led Non-Profit Organization advocating against sexual violence, providing prevention mechanisms, and supporting survivors with psychosocial services.

4. The CLEEN Foundation


The Nigerian Voice

Formerly known as Centre for Law Enforcement Education, the CLEEN Foundation promotes public safety, security and accessible justice through the strategies of empirical research, legislative advocacy and publications, in partnership with government, civil society and the private sector.

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Top Flexxzone Picks

5. Little Saints Orphanages

Nigerian NGO

Little Saints

Little Saints Orphanage home is a haven for orphans, abused and abandoned children. They also promote and assist with the adoption and fostering of abandoned children.

6. The Candlelight Foundation

Nigerian NGO

The Candlelight Foundation is a Nonprofit soup kitchen that caters to the homeless, needy and the “working poor” within Nigeria. They provide a hot meal to anybody who walks through their doors.

7. Foundation for Skills Development


Har Asha Foundation

It is a technical and entrepreneurial training institution that equips people with skills in order for them to venture into any business of their choice. MTN- 5554 9679 4907 25589

8. AMA Foundation



They focus on 3 key sectors which are pertinent to the growth and development of every community. Every act of service they render is consistent with their core ideals; to add value to society by healing, educating and empowering individuals so that they can, in turn, do the same.


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