Entrepreneurship traits

7 Traits A Potential Entrepreneur Should Flee From

We all want to be successful, ask anyone you come across. But success isn’t attained from daydreaming or exhibiting traits that keep you farther away from reaching your goals. You reach them by motivation, discipline and commitment.

So far, you’ve most likely read articles that have told you how to be a good entrepreneur or be business-oriented, which is why we will be mentioning a few traits that will probably keep you from being successful if continued.

1. Procrastination

Entrepreneurship traits

So many have been a victim to this success killer. You can have a plan, well-drafted and all, that you even set a deadline. But when procrastination is a constant trait, you find yourself moving the timeline forward or postponing that necessary activity for later. In the end, you might end up doing absolutely nothing or making a little effort but not getting the job done.

2. Pessimism


Every startup (as long as it wasn’t started for you by some wealthy folks, while you crossed your legs) is demanding, which is why you cannot be pessimistic about it. Pessimism stems from a negative or depressed mental attitude in which an undesirable outcome is anticipated from a given situation. If you are always foreseeing doom before you embark on your plan, chances are you will fail, as you won’t be giving it your best shot.

3. Clueless

Entrepreneurship traits

Chinyere started making chin-chin in her kitchen, and now she owns a chin-chin factory with over 30 staff. Therefore, it is only liable that you start the same business, right? Wrong. Jumping into different businesses because you know someone who succeeded in that field is incorrect. It might give you an idea, but you must go further into discussing the technical knowledge of the business. Have a concrete plan and don’t rush head-on and clueless.

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4. Too lazy to research


Do you have a business in mind? Study it. Anyone not wanting to dig deep and research all that there is to about the potential business is setting him/herself up for mediocrity and worse still, failure.

5. Giving up at first trial

Entrepreneurship traits

Success is not measured by you getting it right the first time; it’s about doing it until you get it right. You have to want it bad enough, that you keep trying even though you have failed a couple of times.

6. All talk, no action


The term ‘Jack of all trade, master of none’ is an overstatement for folks with this trait. They can have about ten ideas but act for none.

7. Poor management


Your plan is set, research has been carried out, and you’re ready to start, but you do not know how to co-ordinate and use your time wisely. That’s a problem because it will leave your work in a disorganized state. Organizing your workflow and plan with some KPIs in place is critical.

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