Why Do I Snore? Questions People Sometimes Ask

In case you didn’t know, Snoring is when a loud or rough sound occurs as air flows through relaxed tissue in your throat, causing the tissue to vibrate when you breathe. It triggers specific responses from people, there are denials, laughter and downright anger at the snorer.

But there are more pressing concerns about snoring, which is why we are reviewing the symptoms. Why and can I stop?

What are the likely chances you will snore?

● Too much sleep during the day.
● Pausing in breath while sleeping.
● Sore throat when you wake up.
● Insomnia
● Gasping for breath at night.
● High blood pressure
● Difficulty concentrating, among other symptoms.

Why You Snore

1. Excessive weight


A plus-size or as we know it, obesity, most often than not leads to snoring. This is very rampant. Being overweight results in weak muscle tone and raises the tissue around the neck and throat, which invariably results in snores at night.

2. Drinking Alcohol


Alcohol relaxes the muscles in your throat and increases the risk of snoring. The regions around the throat and the airways slacken during your sleep, resulting in vibration when breathing.

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3. Sleep type


This has to do with the sleeping positions. If you are told you snore while sleeping on your back, then you should try sleeping on the side and see if it reduces your chances.

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4. Nasal problems


According to Mayo Clinic, If you have a structural defect in your airway, such as a deviated septum, or a persistent inflammation of your nose, the chance of snoring is greater.

Can One Stop Snoring?

Oh yes, you can reduce or eliminate snoring with these steps;

● Change your sleeping position
● Don’t take alcohol often or before bed
● Lose some weight
● Clean your ceiling fan to prevent dust from getting into your nostrils
● Drink lots of fluid, because secretions in your nose and soft palate become stickier when you’re dehydrated, causing you to snore even more.

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