Hey, Do You Remember These Old Nigerian Hairdos?

It is a throwback moment to when certain old Nigerian hairdos used to reign in most of the primary and secondary schools in the country. In fact, some schools made it so compulsory that a Head Prefect would choose the style for the week and every girl would have to wear that hairdo or face the music.

So, when you entered a school back then, many of the girls wore the same head style. The exception then was for those who chose to plait their hair with rubber instead of weaving it. Shall we go down memory lane and bring to life these hairdos of old, in which some are still being worn?

Here comes…

1. Shuku

old hairdo

It didn’t matter the tribe, this was a must-rock for every girl in school. Whether your hair was long or short, you could pull it off.

2. Koroba

old hairdo


The Yorubas loved this hairstyle. By the time you are done making it, the centre of your scalp would be shiny and tender. Who can relate?

3. Patewo

old hairdo

It simply means ‘clap’. The hairdo claps at the centre. Cool, right?

4. All-back

old hairdo


This was the simplest of them all. You simply weaved your hair all to the back. You can spice it up by weaving a few to the front, that way, the hairstyle became ‘all back and base’.

5. Police Cap

old hairdo

Police cap wasn’t called ‘all front’ as it would be logical, seeing that it was the direct opposite of ‘all back’. It just had to be given that dramatic effect. Come on, who doesn’t want to wear a Police’s cap?

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Top Flexxzone Picks

6. Evelyn King


Evelyn “Champagne” King is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. She was known for her famous flamboyant hairdo which Nigeria coined a weave out from. Creative, right?

7. Alicia Keys

Nigerian hairstyle

Till date, the American musician, singer, composer and actress’ zig-zag hairdo is still very popular.

8. Two-Step

It’s simply all-back done in two-steps. You just have to spice things up.

9. Raining Season


The Guardian Nigeria

Haha! Who comes up with these names? This is the ‘Bob Marley hairstyle’ without the attachments. Every big girl in school made this hairstyle.

10. June 12

old hairstyle

The Relentless Builder

Again, with a weird name. This is Patewo with a little base.

11. Who is the garden?

old hairstyle

Everyone responds ‘…a little fine girl!’ LOL. This was definitely a hairstyle for the fine girls. It was either a mix of Police cap and Shuku or All-back and Shuku.

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