Going For An Interview? 7 Things You Must Not Do

You are probably going to be one of the best things that have happened to a company, however, if you flop during your interview, you might never get the chance.

The interview stage is a critical one and you must be well prepared for it. Before you go, here are things you must not do in an interview;

1. Do not be late

Late Interview

Traffic was horrible…bla bla bla. Who hasn’t heard these words before? The company wants to know that you won’t rile them up with excuses when you really need to deliver. Show up on time.

2. Lying is a no-go area


The worst thing that can happen in an interview is being caught in a lie. Employers do not want someone whose speech contradicts itself. Can you be trusted or are you a total fraud? Is the next question in their head?

3. Keep the slangs for the streets


Not being rigid can be really cool at an interview, as it puts everyone’s mind at ease. But, being too much of the ghetto can make them wary of you. So, dial the slangs down, if need be. If not, avoid it altogether.

4. Put that phone on silence


This cannot be overemphasized. Do not let your phone ring out at interviews such as these kinds.

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5. Don’t be corky


In an interview, they need to know that you are teachable. No one wants an overbearing pompous employee who always thinks they know best.

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6. So, you didn’t like your previous boss? Leave the gist for confession


Seriously! Talking trash about your former bosses doesn’t endear you to your potential employers. It makes them sceptical about you. What is going to stop you from talking bad about them when you get the opportunity?

7. Remain in the room, mentally


Boring talks can contribute greatly to this. Your mind might be tempted to wander when the conversation is no longer interesting. Don’t zone out. Stay in the room or you might get lost when the next question is asked.

8. Stay awake

Give it your best shot. Don’t you dare doze off in an interview or prospective company.

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