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Are You Equipped For The Rainy Season? Here Are 6 Items You Should Have

After so much heat in the country, especially for folks living in Lagos city, you will agree that the rainy season is being welcomed with open hands. Despite the fact that we still have bad roads and other inconveniences that will come with the rain.

While the rain comes down and makes Naija a cooler place, it will be wise to be suited up and equipped for any inconveniences. So, what do we need?

1. Bag-friendly Umbrella

rainy season


Obviously, right? The only problem is when we keep forgetting it in the last place we dropped it. Get an umbrella that can be easily carried or fits right into your handbag during this rainy season.

2. Rubber Shoes

rubber shoes


Don’t be stopped from attending that appointment because of mild floods. Wear waterproof shoes, rubber or boots. Get fancy coloured rubber shoes if you do not want your style dulled.

3. Jackets



This also includes sweaters, coats, ponchos and the like. As long as your outfit is good enough to shield you from the cold, you are good to go.

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4. Shower caps

rain items


Protect that beautiful hairdo from being soaked up and ruined. Unlike umbrellas, you can even keep them in your pocket and use them when need be.

5. Flask

rain items


Store your water or warm drinks in a handy flask. This will help keep you warm and hydrated on the road.

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6. Waterproof bags

rain items


We don’t want your laptop or folder getting wet now, do we? So, purchase portable waterproof bags that will keep your belongings dry.

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