TV Shows Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Are you an entrepreneur or aspiring to be one? Books, articles and seminars are all lovely ways of boosting your ambitions. But, so also are TV shows that teach you techniques of becoming a goal-getting entrepreneur.

Below are a few TV shows you should watch to take that start-up to the next level;

1. Quest Means Business

The host Richard Quest presents his analysis on some of the biggest news from the world of business.

2. Inside Africa

The host discusses the African continent’s true diversity through the various media of art, literature, travel, music, food, and culture. To become an effective entrepreneur, the need to be informed about these multiple mediums across the globe is a prerequisite.

3. Under 30 CEO

It is a show hosted in a lot of countries, including Nigeria. It seeks to facilitate business relationships between SMEs, recognise innovation, creativity and hard work.

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4. Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch

60 seconds, go! If the show doesn’t teach you anything else, it will teach you how to keep on underpressure. Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch gives start-ups or small business owners opportunity to pitch their ideas within sixty seconds. If the judges like your pitch, you get invited for a full-time pitch. As an entrepreneur, do not miss this show.

5. Billions

Billions is a high finance drama series about power politics in the New York region. Starring Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis who act the roles of two influential New York figures; U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades and hedge fund king Bobby “Axe” Axelrod, respectfully. You not only enjoy an entertaining series, but you also learn a lot on the business start-ups and leadership.

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6. Empire

Cookie! Who doesn’t remember that radical business and family-driven Cookie and Lucious Lion of Empire Series? These were the crazy characters amidst others in the story of a fictional hip hop music and entertainment company as they struggle of power and where only the best business strategist comes out tops.

What other TV shows do you think aspiring entrepreneurs should watch?

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