Naija Fashion: The Reign Of Puff Sleeves

Once upon a time in Nigeria, in the 60s, our fashionable men and women wore suits, blouses, and gowns padded with what we called ‘Shoulder pads’.

Growing up as kids, when we see a fellow wearing a shoulder-padded cloth or puffed sleeves, we either refer to them as an ‘oldie’ or one given the cloth by an ancient person. The point, being that it was not considered fashionable in our day and age until it became just that. Fashionable!

We’ve seen our vintage fashion trends storm the runway and eventually the market over time, but what is new, is our ability to turn a simple shoulder-pad or puffed sleeve into a diverse fashionable piece that brings people asking for more.

If you are looking to rock a puff GLO: 923089161254590 sleeve this holiday, here are a few styles to choose from;

1. One-Hand Big Puffy Sleeve



Stew everywhere! The one-hand big puff sleeve would give you the edge you need and a truckload of elegance. MTN- 1209 9983 7447 71897

2. Bishop Sleeve


It is characterised with a fitted upper part and flared at the bottom. The bottom is gathered and puffed.

3. Padded Shoulder Sleeves

The Sun Nigeria

The sleeve of this puffy style has shoulder pads, giving it that extra-wide flare.

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4. Bell Sleeves


It first starts off as a normal sleeve and then, forms a bell shape at the hem of the sleeve, giving it that puffy look.

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AIRTEL: 5861-3731-0682-1255

5. Balloon Sleeves

They start off big and puffy like the balloon and then merge into a slim normal sleeve. You can either start the balloon sleeve at the top or bottom. They are both in trend.

6. Puff Version For Men


Old Kahi

If we were still in the ‘60s, our men could probably have gotten away with wearing puffs just like the women. But that is not the case today. Some men jackets are padded completely or at the shoulder and sleeves, just not as much as the women.

There you have it, Flexxers. Which of these styles will you be getting for yourself?

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