6 Helpful Liquid-Based Meals For The Weather

We most often than not lose between 2 and 2½ litres of fluid a day through sweating, breathing, urine and faeces. Now imagine how much more you’d have to drop in weather than leaves you dehydrated and your throat patched due to higher temperatures and humidity that increase the speed of evaporation from the skin causing us to sweat more.

You have been advised to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day, but for weather like this, you’d need more than six glasses to stay hydrated. To achieve this, you do not have to drown yourself in the water lol!), there are liquid-based meals you can take.

Have a look!

1. Tomatoes

Red tomatoes are 94 per cent water while the green variety is about 93 per cent H20. Slice lots of tomatoes in your meal this season or into your salads, and you will have the right amount of fluid your system needs to stay hydrated.

2. Spicy Pepper

Sceptical? Don’t be. Curries and chillies stimulate heat receptors in the mouth, enhancing circulation and causing you to sweat, which cools the body down. So, it alright to use enough ‘Atarodo’ this season.

3. Pepper Soup

Nigerian Goat Meat Pepper soup served in a white bowl

Don’t we usually take this during cold weather, wrapped up underneath our duvet? That’s right. But we are also looking for a liquid-based meal that can help you stay hydrated. So, instead of filling the soup with beef, garnish your pepper soup with scent leaf or curry leaf, take your catfish with it, settle down in an air-conditioned room and enjoy yourself.

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4. Cucumber

By merely biting into this vegetable or fruit as it has been called, you already know it has a lot of water that will help keep you cool. It 95% of water. Do not cook it before eating, or you would have taken almost all the moisture from it.

5. Coconut

Oh yes, this too. You can’t forget all about the delicious coconut milk and water. All you need to do is extract it, add it to your meal or drink on its own and get all the health benefits that come with it while you stay hydrated.

6. Smoothies

Let’s crown it with the one we love! Take your pawpaw, banana and apple, blend, refrigerate and have yourself a healthy chilled smoothie. With a smoothie, any fruit is allowed. Add your ginger and garlic if you are a fan. This drink filled with surplus nutrients is sure to keep you hydrated through the dry season.

What other food options do you think we should opt for in this dry season?

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