Kimono Tinz! 7 Ways To Rock It This Season

You can loud it as much as you want, it’s Kimono tinz! Gone are the days when we were limited to coats and suits. Then the thick overalls came for winter and freezing weather. The Monkey jackets joined in too. But it wasn’t enough, was it? Fashion wanted to wear an overall that didn’t mean they were cold or suit that that wasn’t necessarily thick. Hence, Kimono. The long garment has been in town a long while now. It is still trending and coming in different colours and styles that leaves one in awe.

1. Kimono in a Poncho

See too much swag! This is clear evidence that men are meant to wear Kimonos and Ponchos. What better way than to style a jacket to look both like a Kimono and a Poncho?

2. Kimono in a Cape

Wear a colourful Cape-like Kimono and throw in a white jump-suit. Just beautiful.

3. Kimono in a Hoodie

Were you not told that the guys are running this trend without mercy? Your Kimono can now come with a Hoodie. How stylish is that?

4. Kimono in Ankara

They are everywhere and lighting the city with all kinds of pattern and design. All you need to do is buy your Ankara and take it to your local tailor. As long as he/she is good, you will have yourself one dazzling Ankara Kimono.

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5. Kimono in a Gown

Women almost always have a style for everything fashionable. You can wear your Kimono both as a jacket and a gown.

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6. Kimono and Shorts

It can be made with Ankara, Cotton or any other material you prefer.

7. Kimono with matching Pants

Rock your Kimono jackets with matching pants and look classy and elegant. The pants can be fitted or flared, whatever works for you.


Do you fancy the Kimono trend your thing? Tell us how you are going to be wearing it.

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