ICYMI: 5 Cool Facts About NYSC You Probably Didn’t Know

During the NYSC service year, you probably learned a lot of things about entrepreneurship, community development service and how the country works. 

We bet you probably didn’t know the following;

Mrs Mammy Marian Ochefu established the first Mammy Market within the army barracks, which is the biggest market in all NYSC camps today.



The NYSC scheme was founded by a Nigerian politician, Adebayo Adedeji who was the Executive Secretary of United Nations Economic Commission at that time.


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In 1979, the NYSC allowance was increased from 180 to 200 naira monthly.


If youth “corpers” marry each other within the service year, the couples are awarded 500,000 Naira by the NYSC scheme.


The NYSC allowance was increased in March 2011 to 19,800 naira from 9,775 naira monthly.

Do you know any other cool fact about NYSC? Share with us!

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