5 Top Foreign Celebrities Who Wore ‘Made in Naija’

The Nigerian Fashion industry has grown in leaps and bounds, from beautiful prints to breathtaking designs. It is no wonder that a lot of foreign celebrities have started wearing a lot of Nigerian designs. The increased interest of these foreigners over the last few years has brought tremendous recognition and exposure in foreign lands.

1. Naomi Campbell

Naomi Elaine Campbell is a popular British model and actress. She has walked the catwalk for renowned designers such as Gianni Versace and Isaac Mizrahi. She expressed her love for Nigerian prints while speaking with BBC and proved it by donning outfits made by Nigerian fashion designers, the likes of Kenneth Eze and Tiffany Amber. Her interest in Nigeria fashion industry has really helped in boosting our talented fashion designers.

2. Alton Mason

He is a young model from and danced in P. Diddy and Lil Kim videos. He was the first black male model to walk in Chanel show. Alongside Naomi Campbell, he visited Nigeria and walked the catwalk for Nigerian fashion designer, Keneth Ize.

3. Beyonce Knowles

Sasha Fierce needs no introduction, the American singer, actress and dancer has been known to make a designer popular and his/her outfits sold out because, well, who doesn’t want to wear a design worn by a star? Beyonce has not only been making American designers popular but also expressed genuine interest in African prints, especially ‘Ankara’ prints. She has taken a particular liking to Ugo Mozie clothes..

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4. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Amondi Nyong’o is a Keyan-Mexican actress. The award-winning melanin beauty, during her visit to Kenyan, wore one of the Nigerian-made popular labels, Maki Oh, owned by Amaka Osakwe. Even Wakanda stars are patronizing Nigerian fashion industry. It’s Okay.

5. Michelle Obama

The former first lady and wife to America’s 44th President, Barrack Obama, is not left out in all the dazzlingness. She too, like Lupita and Solange Knowles, have patronized Amaka Osakwe’s fashion line, Maki Oh and other African fashion designers. Ex-first ladies of US, wearing Naija-made? It’s not just okay; it’s mind-blowing. Very soon, at the rate at which we are going, there will be no celebrity left who hasn’t worn ‘Naija-made clothes.

Are you super excited for Nigerian’s fashion industry, right now? Do you think you can make a difference too? Do drop a comment.

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