Here’s how to ensure you have a successful service year

Being a corps member is exciting but not a walk in the park. From weekly CDS to monthly clearances, to waiting to receive your monthly stipend “allawee” to drop, it could sometimes be tiring and overwhelming.

To ensure you enjoy your NYSC and pass through it successfully, take note of these tips:

a. Join NYSC-specific WhatsApp groups

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Yes, there are way too many WhatsApp groups and it can get annoying to receive messages laced with fake news every minute. However, these WhatsApp groups are very important as they provide you with firsthand information to keep you in the loop of things.
P.S: It’s very important to ensure that you verify the messages you receive, so you don’t fall victim of misinformation and scams.

b. Make friends

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NYSC is stressful but friends can make it bearable and enjoyable. You can meet new people and make friends at your local government and your CDS groups. These friends will keep you company and you can always contact them to give you information and help whenever you need it. Who knows, you could end up being life-long friends!

c. Obey the rules

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They say rules are meant to be broken. Well, NYSC rules do not apply in this case. The youth service corps has several rules and regulations that must be followed at all times. By doing this, you’ll avoid getting into trouble and getting an extension of service.

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d. Network, network, network

This is very important, especially in the advancement of your career after NYSC. It’s important to network purposefully, as this will lead you to a lot of enjoyable opportunities. When you meet people, exchange numbers and get their details. In your PPA, ensure you create a solid network with your colleagues, clients, customers and business associates. Who knows, they could turn out to be the link to your next job!’

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e. Start a side gig

Everything’s better when there’s cash. Everyone knows “allawee” is spare change and will not always suffice for your upkeep. To avoid getting broke often, it’s better to start a side hustle if you can. Think of something you do well and monetize it. (so long it’s not illegal) You can also take some time to learn skills that you can eventually make money from. Also, don’t forget to save!

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What other tips do you have to ensure you have a successful service year? Share with us!

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