WhatsApp lingo: Common abbreviations and their meanings

“Send a VN,” Charles texted Tunde on WhatsApp.

Jael scowled at the word ‘VN’ and texted back. “Do you mean my Verification Number?” FYI, it was the first thought that came to her mind, since Charles was a bank official and friend of hers.

Charles laughed and replied. “No Jael, I meant a Voice Note. You are really disconnected from the social media world.”

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Have you ever been in Jael’s shoes? Do you know any other WhatsApp lingo apart from LOL?

You might want to ask if it’s necessary and believe that people only use these lingoes just to avoid spelling a word the right way?

It’s simply cool, fast and makes you feel among. So, if you want to type faster and join the lingo train of “Trendy”, you might want to acquaint yourself with these abbreviated/short forms of common WhatsApp languages and their meanings.

Starting with the most common in no particular order:

LOL: Laugh out loud.
VN: Voice note.
SMH: Shaking my head.
FYI: For your information.
LMAO: Laughing my a*s off.
LWKMD: Laugh wan kill me die.
TTYL: Talk to you later.
BRB: Be right back.
HBD: Happy birthday.
LLNP: Long life and prosperity.
DM: Direct Message.
ATM: At the moment.
CU: See you.
GM: Good morning.
GN: Good night.
KK: Okay cool.
JK: Just kidding.
OMG: Oh my god.
KU: Kiss you.
LU: Love you.
L8: Late.
L8r: Later.
GR8: Great.
IC: I see.
ASAP: As soon as possible.
HU: Hug you.
HF: Have fun.
CYL: Call you later.
B/W: Between.
DL: Dead link.
BC: Broadcast/ Be cool.
BM: Bite me.
KMP: Keep me posted.
WTH: What the h*ll.
IMO: In my opinion.
JIC: Just in case.
B4: Before
Bc: Because
PLZ: Please
BAE: Babe/ Before anyone else.
OT: Off topic.
AKA: Also known as.
SD: Sweet dreams.
SS: So sorry.
SU: Shut up.
GTG: Got to go.
L8R: Later.
TMI: Too much information.
BTW: By the way.
NVM: Never mind.
BB: Bye-bye.

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OMG! Isn’t that all overwhelming? Worry not, you can bookmark this article so that when you get stuck in a chat and you don’t want to ‘fall your hand’, you can always refer to it.

Do you think you are ready to get funky in your lingo? Give us your best shot in the comment section.

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