University lecturers and how to relate with them

Whether you are already an undergraduate or looking to gain admission into the university soon, you should note that you will always meet some bubble-bursting lecturers. They can be quite difficult to deal with but also interesting to have around.

These lecturers will usually fall under any of these categories:

1. The Silent Ones

To hear anything they say, you have to be seated next to them. They will go through their notes, dictate and scribble on the board, but hardly make eye contact with the students. When students complain of how inaudible they are, they continue like nothing was said. They leave the class almost as quietly as they came in.

2. The Loud Ones

They are loud and can be heard from wherever you are seated in the class. They speak like orators and can capture the attention span of students for a long time. They are willing to answer questions asked and open to being acquittances with the students.

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3. The Storytellers

They start off with a line from the subject being taught and deviate into a personal or funny story. The stories might be captivating, and this can help with topic remembrance. However, these kinds of lecturers tend to use teaching time for stories thereby focusing on less important things. One of the tricks to this is asking the lecturer a question from the topic being taught to help bring the class back on track.

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4. The “Lookman”

If you do not want to be piqued on, criticised or stared at by these types of lecturers, it is advisable to avoid attention seeking hairdos, outfits or behaviours. They are often referred to as “lookman” because they “look” a lot.

5. The Eye-Service Lovers

They love to be followed around, accorded respect and dotted on. It makes them feel important and valued. If you want their favour, visit them in their office, talk about the weather, or Nigerian economy, run errands, tell them how lovely they look and they are yours.

6. The Strict Ones

They are the tough and no-nonsense lecturers. When they give you an assignment, you better do it and submit it on time. They take their attendance list seriously. And if you have to be absent from class, you had better have a reasonable excuse or you will pay for it through whatever disciplinary measures they choose to hand down.

7. The Absent Ones

They are hardly ever around, you can count on your fingers how many times they attend class in a semester. For this type, you just have to get materials and read, because, during exams, these lecturers will still go ahead to set some surprising questions. So, you can either ignore them and read all available materials or you can report him/her to the necessary authority.

It is good to mingle with your lecturers and understand them. This will enable you know how to receive knowledge and information from each of them.

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Are you ready to relate with your lecturers with their different characters? Please share your comments.

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