ICYMI: 3 ways you can avoid getting an extension during your service year

We all can’t wait to receive our NYSC call-up letter, anticipating the first day on camp and excited to try on the famous khaki uniform. Sadly, with all that excitement, being enrolled into the scheme doesn’t guarantee you will get your certificate on the expected day of passing out.

The NYSC as an organization can rightfully withhold your certificate or extend your stay as a corper if you act irresponsibly during the program. Extensions can range from one week to 3 months, depending on the frequency and severity of your offense(s).

Here are 3 acts that can lead to extension:

  1. Absence during headcount: The beauty of headcount is that there is often advance notice before the D-Day. This means you can adequately plan to be present. So, show up on time to avoid stories that touch.
  2. Incomplete regalia: you don’t want to be found wanting during the headcount. Being present is one thing, showing up correctly dressed is another. Make sure you put on your 7/7 (complete khaki regalia) as a true corps member that you are. Save yourself the embarrassment of having one pair of your shoes seized or even worse, receiving an extension because of it.
  3. Gross misconduct: We all had a life before service and it can be hard to drop some terrible habits. Actions like theft and sexual assault can land you an extension or a definite exit from the system. Be responsible.

Congrats to the corps members who make it through the finish line today!!

Some corps members may have committed these offenses and may have scaled through, but you might not be so lucky. Did we miss anything? Let us know.


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