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ICYMI: 4 reasons your NYSC allawee finishes in one week

Who else faces the struggle of mincing that 19,800 till the last kobo? Well, you’re not alone. Wondering what finishes your NYSC alawee so fast? Maybe one of these five reasons could be why.

If you spend it on another corper: Don’t be a Father Christmas. Every corper is given the same allowance so don’t play Mr. Nice Guy opening your purse of generosity to another corper. You’ll get broke so fast and your wonderful corper friend might be nowhere to be found when you need assistance.

If you don’t buy in bulk: It might sound crazy but instead of buying noodles, for example, sachet by sachet, why not buy a carton of noodles instead? It saves you more cash if you calculate it, and the carton could last up to 2 months if you’re frugal with it. Therefore, buy your provisions all at once. It pays off in the long run.

● If you spend most of it all at once: Duh! How else would owu blow you quick quick? Imagine having to spend about 12,000 naira in one weekend because a distant friend is getting married and wants you in the loop. It turns out you have to travel out of town and let’s not even start with the accommodation, feeding and wedding present! What happens to you for the rest of the 3 weeks? Haha, yep we thought so too!

Sweet tooth: This moment, you feel like drinking zobo, the next, you want to buy suya. Salutations, enjoyment minister! If you truly want to save your 19,800, turn off the faucet of your many cravings once that credit alert comes in.

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What else finishes your small 19,800? Come on, share with us!

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