Ways to cut expenses in 2019

When you look back at how you fared financially in the year 2018, are you impressed with the outcome? If no, it’s not late to redirect your financial steps to ensure your money better serves you. Here are some sure ways you can cut expenses this year.


  1. Utility checks

What are the basic bills that take a lot on a regular basis? Water, Gas, or Electricity? Compare which has the highest bill and work towards reducing the costs.


  1. Entertainment

Some entertainment expenses are quite tempting. However, it becomes alarming when you regularly subscribe to more than one similar source of entertainment like movie streaming apps, music streaming apps, etc. Itemize the entertainment plans you subscribe to and fish out the redundant ones. That will definitely cut costs!


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  1. Food

Eating is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean you should spend an overwhelming amount of money on food, especially takeout and order-ins. Be cautious, monitor your cravings and neutralize your expenditures by creating a food timetable or an actionable diet plan that doesn’t break the bank. 


  1. Internet

Whether you use Wifi or mobile internet service, internet usage is an unnoticeable cause of excessive spending. Check your phone setting to know what apps take most data and try to cut down on using them. Also, turn off settings that allow data usage in the background.


How many more expenses will you be cutting down in 2019? Share with us in the comments.


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