4 reasons why African fashion is gradually taking over the world

Over the years, African fashion has become a statement look for many highfliers. In fact, these days, it is becoming trendier and more sophisticated. With the growth and recognition that it gets, African fashion is gradually taking over the world. Want to why? Have a look


  1. Social media

African clothing and fashion, in general, have gained more exposure, thanks to the enablement of social media. It’s now easier – and cheaper – for African designers to share their work with a larger international audience.


  1. Millennials reuniting with their culture

Young people are more interested in African fashion these days than the Western. This is, perhaps, due to different wakeup calls to embrace everything African. 


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  1. Africans in the diaspora are returning home

Fashion is a very popular and lucrative sector to consider when starting a business. It’s not surprising that many Africans expatriates are returning home to delve into this area. 


  1. Western fashion is imitating African ideas

The western culture is beginning to draw inspiration from various cultures in Africa. It’s rare to watch a fashion show these days without seeing some sort of African inspiration using fabrics, patterns or props. They have been influenced and have accepted African fashion with open arms.

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