5 innovative things about the 3D printer

3D printer uses are unlimited, It is used in the packaging industry, automotive industry, aircraft and health care. To better understand the power of 3D printing, here’s a list of the benefits of 3D printing;

1. More Affordable: The old ways of prototyping injection mold tools are expensive, the best 3D printer offers more affordable options to create parts and tools through additive manufacturing at rates much cheaper than traditional machining.

2. Mitigate Risk: If you are building a project, you can 3D print a test prototype first before investing in an expensive molding tool. In this way, you can redesign it or alter the existing mold if necessary.

3. Quick Production: Traditional prototype manufacturing requires tooling and machining. You have to pay individuals for their labor and have to purchase expensive equipment.

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4. Easy to Customize: Industries use mass-production to manufacture their products. This means that all products use the same mold and will come out with similar shape and design from the assembly line, which makes it difficult for one to be unique.

5. Producing New Shapes And Structure Is Easy: The traditional manufacturing method relies on mold and cutting technologies to produce the shape they desired. Before, adding holes that change direction, unrealistic overhangs or square interior cavities are difficult to achieve.

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