Team bonding ideas for start-up companies

Nothing beats a team where members have a good understanding of one another. As a small business owner, knowing your colleagues/staff shouldn’t be limited to the four walls of your office. There are ways to get your teammates relaxed and make working together more fun. This is especially useful when you have new staff and want them to get off on the right note with everyone else. Here are some ideas:

  • Card Games: Strategies and ideas never end in the office. Watch how your colleagues critically strategize without facing the screen of a computer!
  • Kart Racing: A great way to see the sporty side of your team is to go-kart racing
  • Arcade Games: Arcade games involve understanding patterns and can help boost research and analytical skills. A place like Rufus & Bee in Lagos is a wonderful spot for this.
  • Visiting Nature Reserves and Conservation Centre: Getting your team to be in touch with inner self, opens great opportunities for self-reflection and improvement. Appreciate nature with your colleagues, see which animals they love or are afraid of and, most of all, watch them take the work hat off for once.
  • Theme/fun parks: Get your team hopping on giddy rides, swinging, hopping, riding jumping and all. Get them to have loads of fun, you don’t have to be a kid to ride the roller coaster.
  • Going to a beach: The beach is a beautiful spot to hang with your teammates Take food and drinks along with you for a mini picnic. You’ll surely have a swell time!


Tell us what other activities are great for team bonding!!


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