Things you can relate to as an “off-campus” student.

As we all know, life outside campus can be quite different from life on campus. There are specific things that “off-campus” students can relate to which students on campus wouldn’t be able to and vice versa.
Staying off campus? Can you relate to these things or nah?
1. The daily commutes
Getting to and from school can be a lot stressful, especially in the mornings and evenings when a lot of students are also going into and outside the campus. The queues and hustle are for real.
2. Erratic power supply
One of the things most campuses enjoy is the constant power supply, but the story is different for students off campus. Sometimes, off-campus students charge their devices inside the school because they know there may not be power supply when they get home.
3. More freedom
Living off campus isn’t all bad, as you enjoy more freedom off-campus versus when you live on campus and have to abide by school and hostel rules all the time.
4. The pride that comes with it
Most off-campus students are mostly perceived to be rich/wealthy, so it’s easy to turn that perception into pride.

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